Monday, October 1, 2012

The Fifth Tree

Emily scopes out the possibilities

It's October.

We've got less than 2 months to get ready for this.

We think we are off to a good start. We've got most of the materials we need for Vicki's tree and we are well on our way getting the stuff ready for MacLean's tree. Lucinda has been scouring the internet - looking at E-Bay and Amazon and several other sites to find the perfect ornaments and decorations. We've been to stores across the Salt Lake valley - Hobby Lobby, Tai-Pan, Taiwan Imports - my sister Wendi even went to Sprinkler World to look for stuff. She is working on Randy's and Brittany's trees. Lucinda and I recently went to Modern Display where we think we've found the two flocked trees we have been looking for.

It's the one in the middle (we'll need two of them)

And we think we've found the tree skirt we want for MacLean's tree.

It's silver - just perfect for the theme.

And just when we thought we were getting a handle on things, Emily says that she wants to do her own tree for Brittany.

OK, she's actually had this idea for a while. She has been having a hard time this past year - as we all have - and she still gets emotional when she thinks about missing Brittany. Lucinda and I think that by doing a little tree of her own, it will help Emily get through this. So it looks like she will get her wish. 

Yesterday she and I went on-line to register her "small tree" on the Festival of Trees website. She has a theme all picked out and knows exactly how she wants the tree to look.

So it looks like we will have a fifth tree.

I'm starting to get excited. Glen and Kay and their family is planning on coming in from Missouri to help us decorate the trees over the Thanksgiving holiday. Misti is flying in from South Carolina (or is it North?). That reminds me, we need to find a ticket for her to get out here. With Wendi, me and Mom, that means all of us will be together with our families (we're still hoping Parker can make it) to put all of this together.

Less than two weeks to go until the Decorator's Workshop put on by the Festival of Trees. Time is starting to move fast on us. It's time to get busy.

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