Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Submissions Are In!

The Submissions Are In!

Tonight, Mom and I went onto the Festival of Trees website and submitted the application information for all Four Trees. I hope we did it right. Just to be sure, I sent a quick e-mail to Frances Morgan - she is the Chairperson for the Large Trees this year. I had called her up earlier in the week to let her know who I was and that we were planning on donating four trees this year. She was very nice on the phone and let us know that she would help us out in any way she could.

I realize that it may be early to start thinking about Christmas - heck we are more than 5 months away from Christmas morning (and 129 days away from the Festival of Trees) but we wanted to get the applications in as soon as possible in the hopes that we could arrange to have the Four Trees placed next to each other at the Festival. Frances made it sound like it would not be a problem as long as we sent in the applications early. She told me she had room for about 300-350 trees this year and she already had about 50 submissions. I guess we aren't the only ones thinking about the holidays in July.

The picture I posted above is three of the Four Trees we will be using (the other one is on the other side of the garage). Lucinda and Mom Webb picked them up for about 50% off at the West Jordan Target store the day after last Christmas. At about the same time, my sister Wendi was off at the Orem Target (or was it Provo?) picking up all kinds of ornaments and decorations and wrapping paper. Now we need to go through all of the stuff we have and see what exactly we have.

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